Purchase procedure

Here you will find information about the purchase of real estate in Estonia. We offer step-by-step information about the process.

General information

  1. Determining the desired parameters (price, floor space, location, etc.)
  2. Visiting and selecting real estate properties
  3. Order of an official evaluation of a real estate in case it will be purchased with a bank loan. The cost of an evaluation shall be paid by a buyer.
  4. Provision of an official evaluation and loan application to the bank (if the buyer is not using full self-financing for the purchase transaction).
  5. Booking of the date and time of signing the sales-purchase agreement at the notary office.
  6. Transfer of the money to a notary’s deposit bank account.
  7. Signing of the booking agreement and sales-purchase agreement.
  8. Signing the deed of conveyance of the premises according to the sales-purchase agreement.
  9. Registration of a new owner of the premises in the land book. This is done automatically within one month after the sales-purchase agreement is signed at the notary office.

Please be aware that this information is of a general nature. Each situation is individual, and it may be that other documents will be needed.

Baltic Sotheby’s International Realty services for real estate buyers

  1. Assisting in every step of the real estate buying transaction
  2. Offering real estate legal counseling
  3. Offering real estate financial counseling