Kadriorg, with its dignified history, is mostly known for being the greenest area in the city centre of Tallinn and for being within walking distance of both the centre and the beach. The icing on the cake is the new Kadriorg Plaza complex, where you will find everything you need in life.

The perfect environment for families with children

“Cute local cafés, romantic spots for picnics and the park’s alleys for walks in summer and skiing in winter,” lists Estonian head of Baltic Sothebys International Realty Tiia Sooaluste in describing the area. She also recommends visiting the highly regarded art exhibitions at Kumu and admiring the restored villas dating from the first republic that peek out from gardens overgrown with lilacs in the spring.

According to Sooaluste, more housing is being constructed in the area every year. “A lot of valuable buildings have now been restored,” she explains. “New apartment buildings, which are preferred by families with children, are being built on plots that stood empty up to this point.”

The greenery in Kadriorg Park is well-tended and walking around here is an experience in its own right. In addition, there is a children’s museum, Miiamilla, next to the rose garden which has a playground for smaller kids to have fun in. There are also kindergartens and schools in the area and many child-friendly places to eat, such as NOP, Katharinenthal and Gourmet Coffee.

An area with a dignified history

Historically, Kadriorg has always been associated with the upper echelons of society. According to Sooaluste, this most likely stems from Katharinenthal, the Italian-style palace and park built by Tsar Peter I in honour of his wife Catherine. On its southern edge, the Office of the President of the Republic and the rose garden were constructed in 1938.

“Kadriorg is always the first choice for employees of foreign embassies in Estonia, because walking to the centre doesn’t take much time compared to other European capitals, and there are also bike and walking tracks that lead all the way to Pirita beach,” Sooaluste says.

She admits that Kadriorg has become the most expensive part of the city centre to live in for these very reasons in the last couple of decades. “I often hear my business partners boasting that they live in Kadriorg,” she reveals. “If you’ve already set up a home here, you don’t just up and leave it for somewhere else.”

The icing on the cake: Kadriorg Plaza

Kadriorg Plaza, a complex which brings together living and working opportunities, is currently being constructed in this constantly developing district. The building has been designed by the well-known architecture firm Künnapu & Padrik Architects.

According to architects Vilen Künnapu and Ain Padrik, the plot chosen for the building is special – being triangular in shape, it demands a special solution. An imposing modern building with an inverted atrium-centred design is being constructed.

Set on the borders of the city centre and the Kadriorg and Lasnamäe districts, Kadriorg Plaza is like a gateway or landmark between the different parts of the city. “We like to think big,” the architects explain. “Big categories. Our concept for the building is perimetric, while the block it’s on has rounded corners. There’s a portico, covered walkways, a roof garden and roof terraces.”

In addition, the building is adorned with a lively facade that in some ways resembles that of Tigutorn in Tartu, which was designed by the same firm. The metallic facade of Kadriorg Plaza is enlivened by its brightly coloured accents. “The architectonics of the building are a little absurd with all of the symbols, shapes and rhythms,” the designers admit. “But good architecture always has multiple layers and meanings.”

According to the architects, Kadriorg Plaza is like an art nouveau house-cum-machine in which you will find everything you need in life. “Approaching it from various directions, you see the building from a distance as an attractive landmark,” they say.

Kadriorg Plaza sits alongside one of the city’s busiest traffic zones, characterised by the established infrastructure, which allows you to easily reach places such as Torupilli Shopping Centre or Kadriorg Park. Smooth transport links to the airport and city centre make the complex an effective focal point. “Kadriorg Plaza brings to life and defines a shining centre of energy,” say the architects.

Kadriorg Plaza (at the address Vesivärava 50) will be completed by next autumn. More information on the innovative building can be found on its website.

Kadriorg Plaza:

  • 9 floors
  • Residential and commercial space
  • 95 apartments
  • Two-storey underground car park
  • Restaurant, beauty salon and dental clinic
  • Beach and Kadriorg Park within 15 minutes’ walk